Surrealpolitik: Gladio: We Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny

Author: Steve Chambers

Newcastle upon Tyne: Zymurgy Publishing (2013)

Quick Summary

A journalistic thriller based on the true story of Barry Prudom, who killed a policeman near Menwith Hill, a Yorkshire military installation that doubled as a US spy center. Prudom had special forces training in "stay behind" operations, suggesting a link to Operation Gladio, and Chambers pulls in a few other Gladio references, e.g., shady global bankers with links to the Vatican, along with the passing suggestion that Al Qaeda could be a similar operation.


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"They've started again."

He refused to exchange the happiness of the day for her paranoia. He said quietly but firmly, "That's all old hat, the west is obsessed with al-Qaida now."

"Who funds al-Qaida? Who set it up?"

He stared at her and shook his head. "I don't want to hear this."

"It's the same strategy as always. Set up arms-length organizations, wait for terrorist outrages to create instability, panic, confusion. Move in behind the inevitable's already started for Christ's sake!" (page 18)
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"Menwith Hill??"

"Maria leant forward and lowered her voice. "It's a Trojan horse," she said, a faraway look in her eyes.

"For Christ's sake, Maria! It's an American listening base, that's all." Maria came back from her nightmare and looked at him.

"They record every phone call in this country."

"Is that possible?"

"They know everything that goes on. Everything that's happened, that's going to happen. All the dark secrets." (page 74)
Tags: [Conspiracy, Literary/Poetic, Paranoia, Surveillance]