Me, Your Host: John Schoneboom

Is that real paper?
Is that real paper?

Who me? I'm a writer, from New York, living now in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. I tend to write absurd stories that seek the silliest parts of the darkest places. My most recent and as-yet-unpublished novel is called The Science of a Single Cabbage, an early extract of which won a Northern Writers' Award. Written as part of a PhD in Creative Writing at Northumbria University, it is the story of one Bodhamari Arbop, a lonely security agent who chases presumed enemies in contestable realities while his toes and his loved ones slip away one by one.

My previous novel Fontoon ("a comic tour de force", David Whetstone in The Journal) was published by Dedalus Books. I've also written quite a few short plays and a couple of long ones. My first one, Dreams of Jimmy Bannon, won the Artists' Fellowship Award from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

My PhD thesis was called The Terrorism Novel in a Surrealist Mode. You can get a fair idea of what that goes on about by exploring the quotes on this website, or by reading the About page. I also hold an MA in Creative Writing from Northumbria University, an MA in Science, Technology, and International Affairs from The George Washington University, and a BA in Political Science from Hampshire College. And a Zend Certified Engineer certificate in PHP. And a really beautiful sticky note from my daughter, which I got for being particularly nice once a while ago. Actually I think it's because she was particularly nice that day. Anyway it's mine now. My son likes me too. Also my wife. They all like me.

Not crazy about contact forms but am interested in reducing spam, therefore with all appropriate apologies, I can be contacted via the page with the form.