Surrealpolitik: Anthology of Black Humour

Author: Andre Breton

(2009, first published in 1997)

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Poetic inspiration, for Lautréamont, results from the break between good sense and imagination. (page 171)
Tags: [Surrealism's Promise]
Have you not noticed the slimness of a pretty cricket with alert movements in the sewers of Paris? It can only be he: that was Maldoror! Mesmerizing the prosperous capitals with a pernicious fluid, he leads them into a lethargic state in which they are incapable of keeping watch upon themselves as they should. A state the more dangerous for being unsuspected. [Lautréamount, from Chants de Maldoror, 4th Canto] (page 177)
Tags: [Apathy/Resistance]
It is not easy to make men perish entirely, and there are laws; but with patience one can exterminate the humanitarian ants one by one. [Lautréamont, from Chants de Maldorer, 6th Canto] (page 178)
Tags: [Fascism]