Surrealpolitik: Deviate: The Creative Power of Transforming Your Perception

Author: Beau Lotto

London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson (2018, first published in 2017)

Quick Summary

You have no access to reality and that's a good thing.


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Do we see reality?...[Many people] all had theories, but now neuroscience has an answer.

The answer is that we don't see reality.

The world exists. It's just that we don't see it. We d not experience the world as it is because our brain didn't evolve to do so. (page 1)
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Our five senses...provide the means for information from the world to get in, but they have very little to do with what is then experienced in perception...In fact, in terms of the sheer number of neural connections, just 10 percent of the information our brains use to see comes from our eyes. (page 1-2)
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By becoming aware of the principles by which your perceptual brain works, you can become an active participant in your own perceptions and in this way change them in the future. (page 5)
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From the perspective of neuroscience...We're all like Alice all the time -- our brains must process strange new information arising from unpredictable experiences every single day, and provide us with useful responses -- except that we didn't have to drop through the rabbit hole. We're already deep inside it. (page 5)
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[P]erception isn't an isolated operation in our brains, but part of an ongoing process inside an ecology, by which I mean the relation of things to the things around them, and how they influence each other...Understanding what it is to be human is about understanding the interactions between our brain and body, and between other brains and bodies, as well as with the world at large. (page 7-8)
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