Surrealpolitik: Working Through the Contradictions: From Cultural Theory to Critical Practice

Author: Epifanio San Juan, Jr.

Lewisburg: Bucknell University Press (2004)

Quick Summary

A wide-ranging exploration of ways we can move from cultural criticism to active critical practice.


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It is clear that surrealism did not negate the objective world but in fact tried to sublate it in a dialectical manner: negating but also transmuting it in a new horizon of meaning. The iconoclastic sociologist Jean Baudrillard chides surrealism for remaining within the purview of realism, reinforcing it ironically by apotheosizing the imaginary. Refusing the antithesis between the real and imaginary by positing the "hyperreal," Baudrillard tries to outdo the surrealists by locating the unreal "in the real's hallucinatory resemblance to itself" (1984, 71). (page 124)
Tags: [Surrealism, Truth & Real, Postmodernism, Madness, Paranoia]