Surrealpolitik: Flat Earth News

Author: Nick Davies

London: Vintage Books (2009)

Quick Summary

An exposé of falsehood, distortion, and propaganda in the global media and an analysis of why it happens. Rejects some common theories (e.g., influence of advertisers) and supports others (e.g., influence of money in general).


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The millennium bug is only one example of a systemic weakness which quietly has overwhelmed the communications media, leaving governments all over the planet and their billions of citizens embarking on a new era in which they continue to pour time and energy and money into frantic activity which frequently proves to be built out of untruth.

This is Flat Earth news. A story appears to be true. it is widely accepted as true. it becomes a heresy to suggest that it is not true -- even if it is riddled with falsehood, distortion and propaganda. (page 12)
Tags: [Culture, Media, Disinformation]
A few of this generation [note: early 20th century] of owners used their wealth to protect and promote decent journalism, but most behaved like Lord Beaverbrook, the model of this kind of proprietor, who famous explained his role as owner of the Daily Express: 'I run the paper for the purpose of making propaganda and with no other motive.' (page 16)
Tags: [Propaganda, Media, Disinformation]