Surrealpolitik: The Gas Heart

Author: Tristan Tzara

Syracuse, NY: Gegensatz Press (2014, first published in 1922)

Quick Summary

"The Dada Anti-Masterpiece of Drama." A play of absurd non-sequiturs that I imagine would be quite painful to sit through, while also believing that it is fantastic that it exists. According to the translator Eric v.d. Luft, the play should never actually have an ending. The actors should just keep going, either starting over from the beginning without a pause or repeating random lines from earlier in the play, or making stuff up as they go along, until the audience figures out that they'd better leave. In at least one production, the audience was forced out physically by the still-acting actors because they had come with coffee, determined to make the play continue all night.


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EYE: Eyes replaced by motionless belly buttons. Mr. My-God is an excellent journalist. Stiff and aquatic, a good-morning corpse floats in the air. What a sad season.

MOUTH: The conversation is getting boring, isn't it? (page 35)
Tags: [Dada, Literary/Poetic]
EAR: But, you see, one gets used to one's own fatigue and to how death would be tempted to live; the magnificent emperor's death proves it; the importance of things diminishes -- each and every day -- a little... (page 37)
Tags: [Dada, Literary/Poetic]
EYEBROW: "Where?" "how much?" "why?" are monuments. Justice, for example. What a beautiful, regular functioning, almost a nervous tic or a religion. (page 40)
Tags: [Dada, Literary/Poetic]
MOUTH: I don't understand anything about the noises of the next war. (page 47)
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