Surrealpolitik: Situationist International Anthology

Author: Ken Knabb

Berkeley, CA: Bureau of Public Secrets (2006, first published in 1981)

Quick Summary

Collection of Situationist writings. A mixture of interesting observations, bold proposals, incomprehensible French rambling, and vituperative assaults on enemies and forebears.


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In a caricature of antagonisms, power urges everyone to be for or against Brigitte Bardot, the nouveau roman, the 4-horse Citroën, Italian cuisine, mescal, miniskirts, the UN, the classics, nationalization, thermonuclear war and hitchhiking. Everyone is asked their opinion about every detail in order to prevent them from forming one about the totality. (page 161)

[From chapter: Basic Banalities (Part 2), Raoul Vaneigem]
Tags: [Situationism, Distraction]